Baking and Cooking Class in March

All classes are held at Issian Restaurant (1618 N 45th st Seattle WA 98103) on Wednesdays

Tuition $45 each class including ingredients. Sign up


March 5~ Florentins~

florentinsFlorentin is  French almond cookie which is made of honey, almond, Sugar, Flour, butter and Heavy Cream. Perfect for your Tea & Coffee.



March 12~Sakura Mochi Tokyo Style~

Untitled Sakura Mochi (2 different style) is Japanese confectionary made of Sweet rice, red beans paste, covered with a leaf of sakura. We will make Tokyo style at the class and we will show you how to make Osaka style


March 19~DIM SUM CLASS (Savory Daikon Cake)

daikon cake Daikon (Radish) cake is very popular at Dim sum restaurant. Our recipe is easier to make at your kitchen and yummy!




March 26~Warabi Mochi~

Warabi mochi Japanese summer time confectionary made from starch and covered Soybean powder. It differs from real mochi made from sweet rice.

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