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March Special~Sakura Rare Cheese Cake~

Dear My Customers,
Spring has come! We are ready to create Special Sakura Desserts in March and April.
All my Sakura Desserts have edible Cherry Blossoms.
This is a first creation: `Sakura Rare Cheese Cake’.
You can enjoy a combination of a light rare cheese cake and raspberry flavor.
Cost: $20 with tax.
Size:6 inch/6~8 slices
If you would like to order, please do so 2 days in advance!

January’s Special ~Strawberry Mochi~

Dear My friends,
Happy New Year!

We have ‘Strawberry Mochi” for January’s Special.
This is a soft, silky rice flour ball (MOCHI) filled with home made sweet beans paste and a ripe strawberry.
I think they are modern Japanese Confection, very popular all over Japan now!
Yum Yum!

1 box (6 piece of Strawberry mochi) will be $20 including Tax.
Please order by email or call in advance.