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March Special~Sakura Rare Cheese Cake~

Dear My Customers,
Spring has come! We are ready to create Special Sakura Desserts in March and April.
All my Sakura Desserts have edible Cherry Blossoms.
This is a first creation: `Sakura Rare Cheese Cake’.
You can enjoy a combination of a light rare cheese cake and raspberry flavor.
Cost: $20 with tax.
Size:6 inch/6~8 slices
If you would like to order, please do so 2 days in advance!

Valentine Cookie ~Green tea, Chocolate and Vanilla~

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!
We have 3 different flavors of Cookies with Heart.
Green tea, Chocolate and Vanilla flavors.
There are 4 same flavor cookies in a special box.
1box / $6 including tax
Place an order for your Valentine gift by Feb 10, 2010.

Christmas Cake ~Buche De Noel~

Hi Everyone,
Here is 2009″Christmas cake from Setsuko Pastry.
We call them ‘Buche de Noel”.
This is very popular as Christmas cake in Japan.

Very light chocolate sponge cake with vanilla whipped cream.
Decorated with Belgium dark chocolate cream and fresh raspberries.
I will make only 10 cakes this year. Everything from all scratch as usual!
Please order by 0:00 in the midnight on Dec 22nd by email or call.
This will be $30 including tax (for 6-7 people)