Setsuko Pastry @ Himawari Japanese Language School in June for everybody

This great oppotunity open to public. Everybody (even if you are not parents of the school)can order! We will deliver your pre orders to Himawari Japanese Language School (Saltwater Unitarian Universalist Church 25701 14th Pl. So. Des Moines, WA) on June 9th, Tursday.
We will do once a month. Have fun your monthly desserts day!

How to order…
1.Choose your desserts in our menu. (4 or 5 different desserts/every month)
2.Order your desserts by email (
3.Pick up your desserts at Himawari Japanese School and please pay by cash.

Menu in June
Date/June 9th, Tursday
Pick up time/Any time between 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm
Please order by June 5th.

1.Strawberry Mochi with Shiro-an ($10/3, $18/6)
2.Strawberry Roll Cake ($4.0/Slice, $20/Whole)
3.Green Tea Rooll Cake ($4/Slice, $20/Whole)
4.Rich Chocolate Cake ($4.5/Slice, $45/Whole)
5.Green Tea Rare Cheese ($4.5/Slice, $45/Whole)
6.Cookie Bag [1Green Tea Shotrbread Cookie & 1 Sesame Shortbread Cookie] ($3.0 )
7.Kusa-Mochi ($10/3, $18/6)

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