Setsuko Pastry Classes in January

Setsuko Pastry starts some Thursday Classes in addition to Wednesday Classes for your convenience  this year.  Please sign up ASAP @Setsuko Pastry

Wednesday & Thursday One DayClass (10:00 am ~ Noon at Issian Restaurant) /$45 

January 8,   Snowball & Green tea ball cookies 

Not too sweet, quick and easy to make. Great present idea as Valentine Gift.

You can wrap them up in pretty at the class too!!



snowbowl cookies small






January 15 , 16 (One day class), Steam pork buns

We make Japanese style Steam pork buns which filled with grand pork and some vegetable not Barbecue pork.

pork bun






January 22 & 23 (One day Class),  French Crape 

We make thin, classic and delicate crape that can be filled with anything you like, such as fresh fruits, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and ice cream.







January 29,  Soybeans & Chocolate chip cookie (Kinako Cookies)

Is this sounds strange or healthy? This cookies taste like Peanut butter cookie which has a lot of sugar and butter. But our Soybeans cookie has only 1/3 of Sugar and fat of Peanut butter cookie.

peanut butter-chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven






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