Private Baking Class at your home!

Invite “Setsuko Pastry” into your home for your very own private baking party!
Instead of going out, let the bakery come to you and learn how to make Japanese Bread in the comfort of your own home. Here’s what you’ll need to set up a private baking lesson:
1. Have at least 5 students who want to learn more about Japanese baking
2. Provide the use your home (or a friend’s home) to use as the classroom
3.Let us know the time which is most convenient for you and the other students
4.Tuition: $40/each adult, +$10/each child (2 years old~).

Schedule in August
*August 12 —Full
*August 13—-Available in the afternoon
*August 14—-Full
*August 19—-Available in the afternoon
*August 20—-Available in the afternoon

Call for more details: Setsuko Pastries 206-816-0348
or contact me by e-mail

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