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Mother’s Day Desserts

Setsuko Pastry is offering Mother’s Day Desserts.
All desserts come with a message of “Happy Mother’s Day”.
Please place orders by 10:00 pm, Thursday May 10th.

1.Strawberry Mochi /$20(6 Mochis)
2.Green tea Decoration Roll Cake/$30
3.Belgian Chocolate Mousse Cake /$40(7 inch Round)
4.Strawberry Decoration Roll Cake/$30

pick up Location/Issian Restaurant (1618 N 45th st Seattle)
Order /Setsuko Pastry 206-816-0348 or
Please place orders by 10:00 pm, Thursday May 10th

Tofu Brownies Class on April 17.


Setsuko Pastry will teach how to make `Tofu Brownies’

These Health Tofu Brownies are low in calories, low sugar and No Butter!

The Tofu makes them extra moist.

You are welcome to attend with your child or grand child (6 years old or more)

Date: Tuesday, April 17

Time:11:00 am -1:00 pm

Location: Seattle Buddhist Church

              1427 S.Main St Seattle WA 98144

Tuition:$30 /$10 (for the ages of 6 to 15) +Small Registration Fee

Contact: Setsuko Pastry 206-816-0348

             Nikkei Horizons 206-726-6469
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桜餅クラス(Sakura Mochi Class)

I will teach how to make ‘Sakura Mochi’ at Himawari Kindergarten.

‘Sakura Mochi’ is popular and traditional Japanese Sweets.

This class is open to the public! Please come to join us.

Date:     Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

      10:30 am -Noon

Tuition: $25 /per person (Kindergartner age and older)

      $40/2 people (Family discount )

Sign up : Himawari Kindergarten

Need something Green for St. Patrick’s Day

We have `Green Selection’ for your St.Patrick’s Day Party.

(Top Left-Right)
Mochi Macaroons $14/6 Macaroons
Green tea Decoration Roll $30

(Bottom Left-Right)
Green tea Cream Puff $18/6
Green tea Pound Cake $18

Please order by 10:00 pm Thursday March 15
Contact at Setsuko Pastry 206-816-0348 or

Melon Pan Baking Class

Setsuko Pastry Baking class is Wednesday March 21st and 28th (one day lesson)
I will teach you how to make Melon Pan!
Do you know what it is?
Melon Pan is very popular in Japan which is sweet bread covered with cookie.
Taste is not Melon flavor at all. This shape looks like Melon, that’s why this bread is called Melon Pan.
I am sure this class will be very popular.
Please sign up ASAP!

Date: Wednesday, March 21st 10:00am – Noon (There is only 1 spot left!!)
Wednesday, March 28th 10:00am – Noon

Location : Issian Japanese Stone grill Restaurant
1618 N 45th st Seattle WA 98103

Tuition :$40

Sign up: Setsuko Pastry

We can do private lessons at Issian or your place as well when you have 4 poeple.
Please contact Setsuko Pastry (206-816-0348)

Spring Desserts

We have 6 special desserts for Spring Celebration.

Green tea Chiffon Cake with Cherry Blossoms
7inch/$35 9inch/$45

Raspberry Flavor Mochi with Red beans & Cream

Mochi Green tea Macaroon

Strawberry Decoration Roll

Strawberry Simple Roll

Cherry Blossom Rare Cheese Cake
7inch/$35 9inch/$45

Setsuko Pastry
Order 2 days in advance / or 206-816-0348

Holiday Cookie boxes & Holiday Green tea Pound Cake

Our holiday gifts are great for your someone special.
Are you looking for something different? Place orders at Setsuko Pastry!(Dec 1st 2011~Jan 31st 2012)

1.Special gift box $7.0 (8 cookies Green tea $ Sesame)
shelf life 10-12 days
2.Smiley Tree Cookie box $12 (12 cookies Green tea & Vanilla) shelf life 10-12 days
3.Green tea Pound Cake $18 (Green tea & Red beans, Size 9 X 3) shelf life 7days

Orders /
Pick up location/ Issian (1618 N 45th st Seattle)

` Bûche de Noël ‘ 2011

Bûche de Noël is one of many traditional cakes at Christmas.
We take orders from December 1st,2011 to December 21st, 2011
Our Bûche de Noël selections :

1. Green tea Bûche de Noël (Green Tea + Organic Red beans + Vanilla Cream)
2. Mont blanc Bûche de Noël (Chestnuts Cream + Vanilla Cream)
3. Tiramisu Bûche de Noël (Mascarpone Cheese + Rum)
4. Chocolate Bûche de Noël (Chocolate Cream + Vanilla Cream)
5. Berry Bûche de Noël (Fresh berries + Vanilla Cream)

Price : $32 (including Tax)
Pick up Location : Issian Restaurant (1618 N 45th st Seattle)
Pick up date : December 23rd and 24th

Order by Email (
We will send back to you a confirmation email as soon as possible.