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Setsuko Pastry’s Baking Class 10/2, 10/9

1kabocha cheese cake small.Wednesday, October 2nd / 10:00 am ~Noon at Issian Restaurant (1618 N 45th st seattle) /Tuition- $45

Our “KABOCHA Cheese cake” is made from real Kabocha, NOT a can!!!  Great for Halloween & Holiday.


soft pretzel small2. Wednesday, October 9th / 10:00 am ~ Noon at Issian Restaurant /Tuition-$45

Our “Soft Pretzel” is chewy and buttery. Our creative recipe is very easy and made from simple ingredients.



Sign up /


Classes At Setsuko Pastry (9/18-9/25)

Dear Sweets & Bread making Lovers,

We are happy to announce our up coming Classes to you ALL.

Please sign up ASAP @ Setsuko Pastry LLC

Location : Issian Japanese restaurant (1618 N 45th st Seattle)

1. Tomato & Cheese Japanese bread on Wednesday


10:00am~ Noon



Tomato & Cheese Sweet bread small


This is very good lunch and light dinner for everyone.

You can create your own savory bread with this bread recipe, for example “Italian Ham & Cheese”, “Bacon & Cheese” “Chicken salad” and so on!!


2. Japanese Kabocha (Pumpkin) Sweets with Red beans(Vegetarian Sweets)

Wednesday, September 25

10:00 am ~ Noon


kabocha sweet small

Easy, Healthy and Yummy- its even a vegetarian sweet! Let’s make a “No Guilt dessert” for Halloween!

Setsuko Pastry Cooking & Baking Class in August

Setsuko Pastry offers a special “COOKING CLASS” in addition to Baking class in this month.

Kids are also welcome!!!

All our classes start at 10:00 am until Noon at Issian Restaurant (1618 N 45th st Seattle)

Tuition $45 (Adult) / $35 (Kids)-Including tasting and all ingredients

Wednesday, August 7th 


Home made gyoza – we will make even gyoza wrappers too!!!




Wednesday, August 14th


Healthy Purple Sweet potato Cheese cake




Sign up /  or 206.816.0348


Sweets making class with Setsuko In July (Kids are welcome too)

Why Our sweets making classes are so popular?


1. All hands on, not only demonstration.

2. We do class in English and Japanese. You can take sweets making class & Japanese class at same time

3. Each participant will make own sweets and take it home!

4. Available private classes at your home at your convenient time

Our classes in this month  / All classes are 10:00 to Noon at Issian Japanese Restaurant 

Tuition/ $45 each  ($35 for Kids)     Sigh up @ 206.816.0348 or

1. Wednesday, July 10th   Green tea creme brulee (抹茶クレームブリュレ)               







2. Wednesday, July 17th   Mitarashi-dango & kinako-dango (みたらし団子ときな粉団子)



みたらしsmall small2






3.Wednesday, 24th //  Sweet potato bread(さつまいもパン)

sweet potato bread





4. Wednesday 31st  // Banana soft Bagel (柔らかバナナベーグル)

ベーグル 001small

Sweets making & Bread Class in June

We are offering 4 great classes in June.

 1.Wednesday, June 5 /  Cheese Cookie Manju

 (It’s partly cookie and Manju with cream cheese. Interesting combination of traditional and modern)

 2.Wednesday, June 12 / Shell Bread with Chocolate custard cream

 (Japanese Popular sweet bread. You can enjoy many variations with different filling)

3.Wednesday. June 19 / Small size Sesame sandwich Bread

 (Japanese style soft sandwich bread with Flavorful Sesame)

4.Wednesday, June 26/  Mochi Chocolate Bread

(Use wheat flour and Rice flour. Very soft texture)

All Classes at Issian Restaurant (1618 N 45th st Seattle WA)

10:00 am ~Noon

Tuition : $45 including ingredients & Setsuko Pastry Original Recipe

Sign up @ Setsuko Pastry 206.816.0348 or

Baking Class on 5/22 & 5/29

We decided to teach 2 more sweet making classes this month.

Wednesday, 5/22 10:00 am ~ Noon 


Peanut Senbei 


Setsuko Pastry will show you an easy and interesting making way of Senbei!

You can learn it in 2 hours and make it again at your home without any special equipments!

Wednesday, 5/29 10:00 am ~Noon

Tofu Goma Mochi


Do they look like Sesame balls? No, they are much healthier!

Our recipe does not use any oil.  And there is no need to need to  deep-fly it.

Interested in a healthy Asian dessert?



ISSIAN Japanese Restaurant (1618 N 45th st Seattle)


10:00 am ~ Noon


$45 (Including Recipe, Ingredients and Tasting)

Registration Now!  or 206.816.0348






Spring Baking Class (Kids are welcome too!)

We are offering 2 baking class in April.

Are your kids out of school for spring break?

Why don’t you come with them? Kids can learn baking too!

                                                          Cake pops 2   Bear bread


Cake Pops Class                                           

Date:     Wednesday, April 10
Time:      10:00~Noon

Location: Issian Japanese Restaurant
1618 N 45th st Seattle WA 98103
Tuition:   $45


Bear Custard cream bread

Date:       Wednesday, April 17
TIme:       10:00~Noon
Location:  Issian Japanese Restaurant
1618 N 45th st Seattle WA 98103
Tuition:     $45

                      Sign up ASAP…. or 206.816.0348

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Baking class on March 27

Green tea twist bread with azuki beans on March 27

Setsuko Pastry offers new bread baking class!
Green tea twist bread with azuki beans…..Moist+ soft+ flavorful= Yummy!!
This is one of Japanese favorite sweet bread
Why don’t you learn something new with us?

Date: Wednesday, March 27
Time: 10:00 ~ Noon
Location: Issian Japanese Restaurant (1618 N 45th st Seattle)
Sign up: Setsuko Pastry LLC

Copyright © 2013 Setsuko Pastry LLC, All rights reserved.

Sweet Making Class

Sweet Making Class Feb 27 ~

Here are up coming “Setsuko Pastry’s Sweet Making Class”

Please sign up ASAP!!!

Location 1: Issian Restaurant (1618 N 45th st Seattle WA)

CONTAACT @ SETSUKO PASTRY             206.816.0348         or

1. Bear Chocolate Manju Class

Bear Chocolate Manju small

DATE/Wednesday, Feb 27





2. Tofu Quick Bread Class

Tofu Quick Bread small

DATE/ Wednesday, March 6





3. Ham & Cheese Bread Class

Ham & Cheese Bread small

DATE/ Wednesday, March 13

TIME/ 10:00~Noon




4. Kuri Manju Class

Kuri Manju small

DATE/ Wednesday, March 20

TIME/ 10:00~Noon




5. Snack Stick bread with sweet cream class

Milk Stick Bread small

DATE/ Wednesday, March 27

TIME/ 10:00~ Noon




Location 2 : Seattle Buddist temple (1427 S Main St, Seattle, WA 9814)

CONTACT @ NIKKEI CONCERNS             206.726.6465      

1.Zunda Mochi Class

Zunda small    DATE/ Tuesday, March 5

TIME/11:00 AM~1:00 PM