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Baking Class in September

All Classes are held between 10:00am-Noon at Issian Japanese Restaurant (1618 N45th st seattle), Tuition /$45 including Special recipe & Ingredients)

Red beans pieSeptember 3/ Homemade Red beans pie




Tofu Redbeans quick bread

Septenber 10 / Moist Tofu & Red beans quick bread




Walnut Mochi

September 17 / Easy Walnut Mochi




Oreo red beans bun

Oreo Red beans bun




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Special tea event & baking class in August (Kids are welcome too!)

We offer a special tea event and 3 interesting classes next month.

All classes are held at Issian Restaurant  and will start at 10:00 am  except August 6.

Tuition $45 / $35 (Kids & Teen)

Sign up ASAP

August 6    9:00 am -11:00am   

Apple sweet bread

apple sweet bread





August 13  10:00-Noon

Hawaiian Chichi Dango

Chichi dango





August 20  10:00-Noon

Red beans Pound Cake

sake 010small





August 27  10:00-Noon

Special Event : Mini Lesson of  Tea Ceremony &  Cold Green tea zenzai (Cold Green tea beans soup)


Baking and Sweets making Class in July (Kids are Welcome !!)

Kids are welcome to our all classes! We are available for group lessons on weekend too. Let us know if you have more than 4 friends !

Tuition : Kids ($35), Adult ($45)-including all ingredients and original recipe 

Location: Issian Japanese restaurant (1618 N45th st Seattle WA 98103)

Time: 10:00 am -Noon

Sign up :

Wednesday, July 2

ベーグル 001small

Blueberry Cream cheese Bagel




Wednesday, July 9


IMG_5374smallGreen tea cheese cake




Wednesday, July 16

Berry creamy tart

Berry creamy tart

Fresh fruits cream tart





Wednesday, July 23

Green teaGreen tea Melon Pan




Wednesday, July 30

紫芋チーズケーキsmallPurple sweet potato cheese cake









Sweets & Bread making class in June with Setsuko Pastry

We will do more fun classes this month. Please sign up ASAP!

All classes are held at Issian stone grill Japanese Restaurant (1618 N 45th st Seattle) between 10:00 am ~ Noon. Tuition / $45 (including original recipe & Ingredients)

Wednesday, June 4 “Japanese Sweets, MINAZUKI”


This MINAZUKI is sweets for June in Kyoto, Japan.

We have choice of Green tea or White MINAZUKI.

Let us know when you sign up.


Wednesday, June 11 “Japanese Castella (カステラ)”

CastellaCastella is popular sponge cake in Japan.




Wednesday, June 18 “Orange Cream Bread

Moist, creamy, they are good summer bread.

Wednesday, June 25 “Cottage cheese making & Demonstration”

This is a hands on cottage cheese making class. Also we show you some demonstrations of Cottage cheese cooking idea.


Baking & Cooking Class in May

Please sign up now – limited seating!! Email to

All classes location: Issian Japanese restaurant 

All classes time: 10:00 am ~ Noon

Tuition : $45 including all ingredients and original recipe

-Wednesday, May 7th  [Green tea Manju]






-Wednesday, May 14th [Kashiwa-mochi]

バラのデコ、柏もち 008





-Wednesday, May 21st [Mochi Rice Shumai]

photo (3)Steamed dumplings with Mochi rice




-Wednesday, May 28 [Tahini Cookie]

tahini cookieTahini is paste which is made from ground sesame seeds

Baking & Cooking Class in April

All Classes are held at Issian Restaurant (1618 N 45th st Seattle) 10:00~Noon.

Tuition /$45 each class (including recipe & Ingredients )

Space is limited, so please sign up ASAP (

1. Wednesday, April 2nd / Healthy Shrimp Patties

Shrimp Patties small Our Shrimp Patties are good for Sand witches, Burger, Lunch Box and also great as Appetizer




2. Wednesday, April 9/ Steamed Green tea Muffin with Red beans & Salted Cherry Blossom

steamed green tea muffinNo Butter, Oil and Egg!! Our amazing Steamed Muffin keep everyone healty.




3. Wednesday, April 16 / Flower Sushi Roll

Flower Sushi RollWant to make Special Sushi Roll? You Can learn Pretty one in only 2 hours with us.




4. Wednesday, April 23 / Japanese Chiffon Cake


Everybody are waiting for this class for ages!! Just sign up now!

Choice of Vanilla or Green tea




Baking and Cooking Class in March

All classes are held at Issian Restaurant (1618 N 45th st Seattle WA 98103) on Wednesdays

Tuition $45 each class including ingredients. Sign up


March 5~ Florentins~

florentinsFlorentin is  French almond cookie which is made of honey, almond, Sugar, Flour, butter and Heavy Cream. Perfect for your Tea & Coffee.



March 12~Sakura Mochi Tokyo Style~

Untitled Sakura Mochi (2 different style) is Japanese confectionary made of Sweet rice, red beans paste, covered with a leaf of sakura. We will make Tokyo style at the class and we will show you how to make Osaka style


March 19~DIM SUM CLASS (Savory Daikon Cake)

daikon cake Daikon (Radish) cake is very popular at Dim sum restaurant. Our recipe is easier to make at your kitchen and yummy!




March 26~Warabi Mochi~

Warabi mochi Japanese summer time confectionary made from starch and covered Soybean powder. It differs from real mochi made from sweet rice.

Setsuko Pastry Class in February

Setsuko Pastry will offer more interesting classes in February.

All Classes start at 10:00 am (until Noon) and are held at Issian Restaurant . Tuition $45.

Sign up :

Wednesday, February 5

フォンダンショコラ 010smallChocolate Fondant-This is perfect for entertaining, as it can be made way ahead of time




Wednesday, February 12

tiramisuGreen tea Tiramisu Cup-This is a perfect combination of Green tea’s brilliant Japanese essence and Tiramisu’s richness.




Wednesday, February 19 OR  Thursday, February 20 (One day lesson)

e0068962_141401 Japanese Pumpkin(Kabocha) Custard Pudding– Our simplicity recipe make it an elegant and flavorful Kabocha pudding




Wednesday, February 26 OR Thursday, February 27


Cinnamon Roll-Absolutely perfect cinnamon roll-Rich and delicious!


Setsuko Pastry Classes in January

Setsuko Pastry starts some Thursday Classes in addition to Wednesday Classes for your convenience  this year.  Please sign up ASAP @Setsuko Pastry

Wednesday & Thursday One DayClass (10:00 am ~ Noon at Issian Restaurant) /$45 

January 8,   Snowball & Green tea ball cookies 

Not too sweet, quick and easy to make. Great present idea as Valentine Gift.

You can wrap them up in pretty at the class too!!



snowbowl cookies small






January 15 , 16 (One day class), Steam pork buns

We make Japanese style Steam pork buns which filled with grand pork and some vegetable not Barbecue pork.

pork bun






January 22 & 23 (One day Class),  French Crape 

We make thin, classic and delicate crape that can be filled with anything you like, such as fresh fruits, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and ice cream.







January 29,  Soybeans & Chocolate chip cookie (Kinako Cookies)

Is this sounds strange or healthy? This cookies taste like Peanut butter cookie which has a lot of sugar and butter. But our Soybeans cookie has only 1/3 of Sugar and fat of Peanut butter cookie.

peanut butter-chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven






Savory Cooking & Baking Class

Setsuko Pastry is offering Savory cooking & Baking class in October and November.

Learn new recipe and make something special for your Holiday Season!!!

*All classes are held at Issian Restaurant (1618 N 45th st Seattle) from 10:00 am to Noon.

*Tuiton / $45

*Sigh up / Setsuko.pastry@gmail.con

Wednesday October 16   ” Sake Manju ” (Sweet)

SmallSake Manju is a sweet dumpling with the sake flavored skin and Red beans paste filling.




Wednesday October 23   “ Home made Quiche” (Savory)

Quiche is a delicious kinds of pie that is acceptable to eat at any meal. Good for your party!






Wednesday October 30   “Edamame  Cheese Bread ” (Savory)

Edamame cheese small

Savory bread with filling of Edamame and Cheese




Wednesday, November 6   “Potato Mochi” (Savory)

いももちsmallThis is a kind of IZAKAYA Menu in Japan. They are good appetizer, helthy snack and for Lunch box




Wednesday, November 13      “Condensed milk Stick Bread”( Sweet )

Milk Stick Bread smallGreat combination of French bread and Condensed milk