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Mochi Desserts & Assortment of Roll Cakes Box for New Year?

Roll Cake Seletction

  Ichigo daifuku (苺大福) OHAGI(おはぎ) Mochi (DAIFUKU)

Assortment of Roll Cakes box -2 slices of Green tea Rolls + 2 Slices of Strawberry Rolls + 2 Slices of Chocolate Rolls  =$24

Mochi desserts

1.6 Strawberry Mochi (Combination with Strawberry, Red beans & Mochi)6/$20

2.6 OHAGI(3red beans & 3 soybeans powder) 6/$18

3.6 Mochi (Mochi & Red beans) 6/$18

Please place orders 3 days in advance.
Setsuko Pastry OR 206.816.0348


Dora yaki small



詳しくはこちらをご覧下さい → 「ひまわり幼稚園 創立10周年特別企画」



Setsuko Pastry

Bûche de Noël & Holiday Gifts (Cookie Box & Green tea Pound Cake)

We start to take Bûche de Noël  & Holiday Gifts orders  now.

The bûche de noël is a French holiday favorite desserts. It was  inspired by the giant Yule logs that were traditionally burned on Christmas Eve.

Setsuko Pastry introduce you our Bûche de Noël selection. (for 7 people)

1. Mont Blanc Bûche de Noël -$40(including Tax)—–20 Bûche de Noël order limit

2. Berry Bûche de Noël -$35 (including Tax)————20 Bûche de Noël order limit

3. Green Tea Bûche de Noël -$35 (including Tax)—–20 Bûche de Noël order limit


Setsuko Pastry Holiday Gifts

1. Smiley Tree Cookie box  

     12 cookies Green tea & Vanilla-$12

2.Cookie Gift Box

     12 Green tea leaf cookies & 12 Sesame leaf cookies-$12

3.Green tea Pound Cake

    Green tea & Red beans, Size 9 X 3-$18 


Order now at Setsuko Pastry 206-816-0348  or By Dec 21 at 10:00pm

Pick up at Issian Restaurant (1618 N 45th Seattle WA 98103)

We will Close on Christmas Day







Sweets making & Bread making workshops In November & December

We have only 3 more workshops left in this year!!

Would you like to learn something new for your holiday party menu?

1. Tuesday, 11/27

     Rice bread making class  (See more detail here)—–2 seats left!

2.Wednesday, 12/5

    Stained glass cookie making class——————–New class!

3.Wednesday, 12/12

    Steamed Manju making class————————–New Class!


Time: All classes will be 10:00 am to Noon

Location: All classes are hold at Issian Restaurant

Tuition: $40 including everything

Sigh up & Question : Setsuko Pastry 206-816-0348

Desserts for Thanksgiving Day


Here are Setsuko Pastry’s recommendation for Thanksgiving day.



1.Pumpkin Roll (for 6-7 slice) /$30

2.Pumpkin Rare Cheese Cake /7″round -$35, 9″round-$45

3.Pumpkin Chiffon Cake/7″round-$35, 9″round-$45

Mont Blanc(Tired of Pumpkin?)

1.Mont blanc Roll(for 6-7 slice)/$40

2.Japanese Mont blanc /7″round-$40, 9″round-$50

and more….

Please order by Sunday Nov 18.

We will be closed on Thanksgiving day (Nov 22nd)

Setsuko Pastry

Bread Class ~Rice Bread on Tuesday, Nov 27th~


Dear Baking Lovers!

We have another great recipe to share with you.

This bread has a hard crust and is moist inside. It is made of rice and wheat flour. Great for your holiday party and of course for your regular Sandwiches.

Seats are limited. Please sigh up now!

Date: Tuesday, Nov 27th

Time: 10:00 to Noon

Location: Issian Restaurant (1618 N 45th st Seattle WA 98103)


Setsuko Pastry  206-816-0348 or


Fifth Annual Bunka-no-hi 2012

`Bunka-no-hi’  is Culture Day in Japan on November 3.

Japanese Cultural & Community Center of  Washington (Jcccw) has performances, Cultural demonstrations, games and other activities. This is a free event.

We will be there between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm on Sunday, Novemver 4 .

We sell variety of  Party size roll cakes ($2.50) there.

Look  forward to seeing you all!

Date: Sunday, November 4

Place: Japanese Cultural & Community Center of  Washington (Jcccw)

Time: 11:00am-4:00pm

Setsuko Pastry



Halloween Desserts for your Party

Don’t miss to taste yummy Desserts for your Halloween Party!

Pumpkin Chiffon Cake /$35~

Pumpkin Rare Cheese Cake /$35~

Pumpkin Shape cookie /$12 for 3 packages(each package has 7 cookies)

Pumpkin Roll Cake /$30

Please order by Tuesday October 30th.

Setsuko Pastry 206-816-0348 or