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Mark on your calender “Bunka No Hi 2013”

We will be at JCCCW for Bunka no Hi again this Sunday, November 3rd.

Check here for more info

Our menu:


Sweet potato Financier

Apple moist butter cake

Green tea & Azuki roll

Strawberry Roll


and more!

Savory Cooking & Baking Class

Setsuko Pastry is offering Savory cooking & Baking class in October and November.

Learn new recipe and make something special for your Holiday Season!!!

*All classes are held at Issian Restaurant (1618 N 45th st Seattle) from 10:00 am to Noon.

*Tuiton / $45

*Sigh up / Setsuko.pastry@gmail.con

Wednesday October 16   ” Sake Manju ” (Sweet)

SmallSake Manju is a sweet dumpling with the sake flavored skin and Red beans paste filling.




Wednesday October 23   “ Home made Quiche” (Savory)

Quiche is a delicious kinds of pie that is acceptable to eat at any meal. Good for your party!






Wednesday October 30   “Edamame  Cheese Bread ” (Savory)

Edamame cheese small

Savory bread with filling of Edamame and Cheese




Wednesday, November 6   “Potato Mochi” (Savory)

いももちsmallThis is a kind of IZAKAYA Menu in Japan. They are good appetizer, helthy snack and for Lunch box




Wednesday, November 13      “Condensed milk Stick Bread”( Sweet )

Milk Stick Bread smallGreat combination of French bread and Condensed milk




Pumpkin Desserts Selection

Japanese Pumpkin (Kabocha) desserts selection from Setsuko Pastry

How to place an order & pick up from us…

1.Call us or email us your order 3 days in advance

2.Pick up at Issisn Japanese Restaurant , that’s all!!!

Pumpkin (kabocha) Desserts Selection  – 7″round size / $38, -9″round size

Pumpkin (Kabocha) rare cheese cake

kabocha rare cheese cake





Pumpkin (Kabocha) Baked cheese cake

kabocha baked cheese small





Pumpkin Chocolate Cookie Cup (3Cups/$12)

Pumpkin cookies





Pumpkin Mochi (6 pieces/$20) Vegetarian & Gluten free

Green card photo small