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Baking Class on 5/22 & 5/29

We decided to teach 2 more sweet making classes this month.

Wednesday, 5/22 10:00 am ~ Noon 


Peanut Senbei 


Setsuko Pastry will show you an easy and interesting making way of Senbei!

You can learn it in 2 hours and make it again at your home without any special equipments!

Wednesday, 5/29 10:00 am ~Noon

Tofu Goma Mochi


Do they look like Sesame balls? No, they are much healthier!

Our recipe does not use any oil.  And there is no need to need to  deep-fly it.

Interested in a healthy Asian dessert?



ISSIAN Japanese Restaurant (1618 N 45th st Seattle)


10:00 am ~ Noon


$45 (Including Recipe, Ingredients and Tasting)

Registration Now!  or 206.816.0348






Strawberry Dessert Selection

Fresh Strawberry Desserts are available !

Any party, Event or Gathering?
Let us know 3 days in advance!

See images at Top Row from Left to Right

Strawberry Rare Cheese $38~,  Strawberry Decoration Roll $30,  Strawberry Shortcake $38~

See images at Second Row  from Left to Right

Strawberry Mochi $20 /6 mochi,  Sheet size Strawberry Cake $55, Pink Strawberry Roll $30


Asian Craft & Food Fair , Saturday May 11th.

We will join the Craft & Food Fair at Blaine Memorial United Methodist Church this Saturday.

Come to get something special for Mother’s Day!

Our Menu:


Home made Anpan (Japanese Red beans sweet bread)

Hand Crafted Cookies

Our Signature Roll Cakes

Green tea pound cake


Look forward to seeing you all!



Mother’s Day Desserts

Setsuko Pastry recommend Roll Cake selection for Mother’s day.

Simple Roll Cake (Green tea OR Strawberry) /$20

Decoration Roll Cake (Green tea OR Strawberry) / $30

ORDER by 10 am on Friday, May 10th

PICK UP at Issian Restaurant (1618 N 45th st Seattle)

Setsuko Pastry  OR 206.816.0348