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Mochi Desserts & Assortment of Roll Cakes Box for New Year?

Roll Cake Seletction

  Ichigo daifuku (苺大福) OHAGI(おはぎ) Mochi (DAIFUKU)

Assortment of Roll Cakes box -2 slices of Green tea Rolls + 2 Slices of Strawberry Rolls + 2 Slices of Chocolate Rolls  =$24

Mochi desserts

1.6 Strawberry Mochi (Combination with Strawberry, Red beans & Mochi)6/$20

2.6 OHAGI(3red beans & 3 soybeans powder) 6/$18

3.6 Mochi (Mochi & Red beans) 6/$18

Please place orders 3 days in advance.
Setsuko Pastry OR 206.816.0348


Dora yaki small



詳しくはこちらをご覧下さい → 「ひまわり幼稚園 創立10周年特別企画」



Setsuko Pastry

Bûche de Noël & Holiday Gifts (Cookie Box & Green tea Pound Cake)

We start to take Bûche de Noël  & Holiday Gifts orders  now.

The bûche de noël is a French holiday favorite desserts. It was  inspired by the giant Yule logs that were traditionally burned on Christmas Eve.

Setsuko Pastry introduce you our Bûche de Noël selection. (for 7 people)

1. Mont Blanc Bûche de Noël -$40(including Tax)—–20 Bûche de Noël order limit

2. Berry Bûche de Noël -$35 (including Tax)————20 Bûche de Noël order limit

3. Green Tea Bûche de Noël -$35 (including Tax)—–20 Bûche de Noël order limit


Setsuko Pastry Holiday Gifts

1. Smiley Tree Cookie box  

     12 cookies Green tea & Vanilla-$12

2.Cookie Gift Box

     12 Green tea leaf cookies & 12 Sesame leaf cookies-$12

3.Green tea Pound Cake

    Green tea & Red beans, Size 9 X 3-$18 


Order now at Setsuko Pastry 206-816-0348  or By Dec 21 at 10:00pm

Pick up at Issian Restaurant (1618 N 45th Seattle WA 98103)

We will Close on Christmas Day