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Mother’s Day Desserts

Setsuko Pastry is offering Mother’s Day Desserts.
All desserts come with a message of “Happy Mother’s Day”.
Please place orders by 10:00 pm, Thursday May 10th.

1.Strawberry Mochi /$20(6 Mochis)
2.Green tea Decoration Roll Cake/$30
3.Belgian Chocolate Mousse Cake /$40(7 inch Round)
4.Strawberry Decoration Roll Cake/$30

pick up Location/Issian Restaurant (1618 N 45th st Seattle)
Order /Setsuko Pastry 206-816-0348 or
Please place orders by 10:00 pm, Thursday May 10th

Desserts for Childrens Day


Setsuko Pastry has desserts suggestion for Children’s Day. We will take only 10 boxes orders of Kashiwa Mochi this year.

We are running out of this special leaf soon…Don’t miss it!

We have also Simple Strawberry Roll cake.Kids love it!

Kashiwa Mochi
I box / $20  /6 Mochi

Strawberry Roll
$20 / For 6-7 Slice

Pick up Location: Issian Restaurant 

Contact :Setsuko Pastry 206-816-0348